Ken Depelchin

I'm a web developer from Ghent, Belgium.

I'm currently building Grabblr and I work as a software engineer for Skedify and blog about technical stuff on I've started my career at CX Social (formerly Engagor) as part of the development team. I'm also a volunteer at the night shelter for homeless people in Ghent.

I like music in all its aspects and I love Lichtenstein.


Grabblr is a social gifting app launched in October of 2015. We provide online wish lists and group gifting. Users create wish lists, follow friends and family and reserve each others gifts.


Electron app for Android Web Messages

I noticed that there wasn't any native macOS app for messaging with Android. I've created a basic MacGap version (v1.0.0) and later changed it to an Electron app (v2.0.0).



Floraliesa is a one-page website for a florist based in Ghent, Belgium. She uses this mainly as a communication tool with potential customers. It's built with the Laravel framework using Materialize CSS with plain HTML/CSS.


Brasserie Regina

Brasserie Regina is a completely renovated restaurant in the center of the pleasant coastal place Westende. They asked me to build and design their website. I've created a multilingual website which is responsive.


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I blog about technical stuff I encounter while developing on my Wordpress blog.


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